CityView Barker Block

Barker Block

Los Angeles, California
171 Condominium Lofts


Convert an 80 year old warehouse in a rundown inner city industrial area into a vibrant home for urban lifestyles. Establish the area as a destination for other builders to emulate so as to reconstitute the neighborhood for affordable residential uses.


Create an affordable urban oasis complete with interior open spaces and complementary retail mixed uses to create another Tribeca or East Village.


CityView ventured with the Los Angeles-based KOR Group, originators behind some of the most contemporary and sought after hotels, destinations and designer residences in urban areas to create a destination featuring two street level destination restaurants, including Urth Café. The project is an adaptive reuse of a former furniture warehouse into uniquely contemporary and eclectic loft homes with lush interior garden spaces and resort style rooftop panoramic pool and gathering area. Yet the homes are the best selling, lowest priced homes in the exciting new downtown area.
CityView Barker Block