CityVIew Marin City, USA

Marin City, USA

Marin City, California
185,000 Sq. Ft. Retail
340 Homes and Community Facilities


To develop a controversial vacant site in southern Marin County, formerly used as a “flea market,” to create local employment, affordable housing, community services and long-term revenue potential for the community.


To structure a unique partnership with non-profits, community groups and the County of Marin. To develop a master plan with programs for the community by featuring affordable homes, first-source hiring, job training, childcare, transit and community service facilities.


A185,000 square foot retail center, 255 mixed income apartments, 85 low income for-sale townhomes, a new church, library, upgraded freeway interchange, a new transit hub and a public park. Marin City USA transformed an underutilized property into a vibrant, revenue-generating community, winning the American Planning Association Advocacy Planning Award for exceptional coordination and benefits to the local community. Funding for the project was obtained from both public and private sources.
CityVIew Marin City, USA