CityView South City Lights

South City Lights

City of South San Francisco, California
280 Condominiums


Develop an infill site passed over due to a massive, steep and unstable slope. In addition to the soils issue, a regional power line lies at the top of the slope so any failure could destabilize the power lines potentially generating significant monetary damages.


Take advantage of an outstanding, unobstructed view of the San Francisco Bay and build work force housing, including 20% below market rate homes. Turn the slope solution into a marketing amenity.


Partnering with Watt Communities, a fifty year old development and home building company, the CityView venture engineered a safe retention solution employing a soil-nail wall featuring esthetically textured, terraced retaining elements and construction of a large waterfall feature. The project was built with six small podium buildings to create a comfortably scaled affordable community within the larger City of South San Francisco.
CityView South City Lights